My mission is simple. I help people connect with what makes them happy in work and life, while assisting them in charting a realistic course to achieving it.


…that your career, job, work, role, current employer, your organisation – just don’t feel like they ‘fit’ you? Or that your whole career hasn’t really fitted you?

About me


Through working with coaches and mentors, combined with self-reflection, self-analysis and my experience attaining a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, I discovered my passion and purpose. From there I began to create the life I felt entitled to and developed a structured yet adaptable framework which has proven successful in helping my clients achieve the clarity to articulate: 

”This is who I am, this is what makes me feel alive and this is what I want to be, do and have in my life and work”

My approach enables my clients to create their own goals, set objectives and take effective action towards what they really want. This process includes identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying strengths and ultimately achieving much more, much faster than they thought previously possible.


Do any of these thoughts and feelings about your Job or career sound familiar? 


“I’ve just been made redundant and I don’t know where to start with a Job Search”.

Not Attracting Roles

“I have a CV and LinkedIn profile but I’m not finding or attracting the roles I really want and I don’t know what to do”.

No Response

” I am spending hours replying to job adverts but I am not getting a response and I am finding it all really frustrating.”.


No Control

“Every day I wake up with the threat of redundancy hanging over my head. I feel like I don’t have any control over my future. How do I take the power back? I can’t move forward. I feel trapped, suffocated. Like I’m just waiting for the axe to fall”

Stuck in a Rut

“I know I can’t go on like this but I don’t know how to get out of this rut”

Who Else Will Want Me?

“Having spent my entire working life with just 1 company, what chance do I have of anyone else wanting me? I don’t even know how to write a decent CV. Yes I have great skills but no interview experience”


“Alex has always been invaluable in helping me redefine my career values and goals. Alex exudes a real passion for his subject and comes across as very professional and at the same time, very personal.”

Lee S, UK

“My life, work and career is back under my own control and I have a clear plan and aspiration. I’m indebted to Alex for his skill in supporting and guiding me along this path.”

Robert P, UK

“Overall Alex has helped me to generally be more satisfied with both my work and my personal life, and to have more control over this. He has helped me to be much better prepared for starting my new role, which I expect in turn will lead to a much more satisfying and productive experience”

Tim S, London

“Coaching with Alex came at a critical point in my career, and I am exceptionally grateful for the support he provided in making the right decisions. He enabled me to see my strengths and the differences I have made in my role, and to be better able to articulate this. I now feel more confident in my abilities – which has allowed me to take on new challenges and broaden my skills and experience. “

Jason N, Brighton

“Alex encouraged me to create my own goals and timescales to allow me to see that I am in control of my own life. Since the end of my sessions I have found it much easier to accomplish tasks and as a result I procrastinate less. I would say I have been more productive in these past few months than I have in the last decade.”

Gavin H, Brighton UK

“Alex has made a significant impact on how I have been able to represent myself in a competitive environment. His insights and sometimes difficult questions have allowed me to be sharper, more concise and develop messages that have more potency. This has given me more confidence not just in myself but in how I can project myself.”

Michael P, UK

Why Coaching?

A partner to help you open up your world

Working with a coach, whose only agenda is to challenge our thinking, allows us to grow and expand our possibilities. We become able to see our lives from a different perspective.

Surveys show that up to 80% of people are emotionally disconnected or downright miserable in their work. When we work with a coach and challenge our thinking, our world opens up exponentially!

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